Almost everyone uses coupons in line with the Terms & Conditions of the promotion. However, because of the odd one that does not, the coupons issued by our clients on our systems are full of security features to protect all genuine issuers, consumers and retailers. However, if you become suspicious about any activity related to these coupons please contact us confidentially on +353 (0)1 4098300.

Abuse and fraud

To present altered, copied, edited, manipulated or counterfeited coupons constitutes fraud. Any persons engaged in such activities will be pursued and may face criminal prosecution. Anyone found abusing our Internet Printable Coupons will be added to an industry blacklist and barred from accessing and using our coupons for life. The details of these persons will be made know to any corporate entity with legal interest in the fraud that has been committed, which may also result in exclusion from other communications or offers in future.

Reporting fraud

Should you become aware of any fraudulent activity in relation to our Internet Printable Coupons, we would ask you to report it by calling +353 (0)1 4098300 in strictest confidence. Our team of experienced customer service agents will take the details.


A reward worth €1,000 will be issued to any member of the public who reports fraudulent activity that subsequently leads to a prosecution in the Irish courts.